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Periodontal Therapy

We provide open and closed root planing, guided tissue regeneration, and professional prophylaxis.  Gingival grafts can cover defects and slow the progression of gum disease.  Home dental care like brushing and rinsing are a very important part of treating periodontal disease.

Endodontic Therapy

Standard and surgical root canal therapy, vital pulpotomies and replacement of luxated or avulsed teeth.  Endodontics are typically performed on fractured or discolored teeth.  In a recent report over 92% of discolored teeth were non-vital, in other words, dead and often times infected.
Oral Surgery

Complex surgical extractions, oronasal fistula repair, oral mass biopsy, cleft palate repair, maxillectomy, mandibulectomy, and jaw fracture repair with state of the art techniques.

Orthodontics and Genetic Counseling

Orthodontics is the movement of teeth to correct a malocclusion.  This gives the patient a pain free and functional bite.  All orthodontic cases include genetic counseling.

Prosthodontics -Crowns

Prosthodontics involves the placement of a full or partial metal or tooth colored crown (cap) to protect and keep the function of the tooth.

Imaging Services

Intra-oral disease requires dental radiographs to view the roots, surrounding bone, determine types of resorptive lesions, check for endodontic disease, and to aid in diagnosis.



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